1. The customer selects the type of delivery available at the Shop website, and they are:
    • DPD parcel service;
    • SUUS parcel service;
    • Personal collection.
  2. Delivery occurs within 24 hours after confirmation of the product availability.
  3. Delivery time is 30 days, unless the delivery date has been fixed on an individual basis. In case of exceeding the deadline specified in the previous sentence, the consumer has the right to appoint the seller extra time. If the product is still not delivered the buyer can withdraw from the contract.
  4. Deliveries are made on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. On weekends and days off from work deliveries are not performed.
  5. The seller is responsible for the risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods until the consumer receives it, unless the consumer has chosen a different form of delivery than offered by the shop.
  6. The buyer upon receipt of the consignment has the possibility to check the goods and in case of any damage to write a report in presence of the supplier. Writing off protocol is not a condition to place a complaint or use the right to withdraw from the contract
  7. Goods are delivered in Poland and other European Union countries.