Privacy policy

Privacy and protection of personal data:

This document is an integral part
of STEELER internet shop Terms and Conditions

  1. The data administrator is the company, hereinafter referred to as "online shop": STEELER Marcin Piasecki, ul. Grodzieńska 206, 16-100 Sokolka, NIP 545-161-39-48, REGON 200117090 , which operates through the Shop . The database was created only to allow customers to make purchases on the Shop website.

  2. The Administrator is authorized to disclose personal information only to entities authorized under relevant regulations of law, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and applicable laws.

  3. Direct marketing of own services and monitoring the quality of the Portal service is possible after obtaining the consent of the customer. Consent for processing data for the purpose described in the preceding sentence is voluntary and can be canceled at any time.

  4. The Administrator is obliged to a secure data storage.

  5. Personal data and information contained in the registration form or in the mail will be used by the Administrator to the conclusion, amendment, termination of the contract with the client and to ensure the highest quality of service. For this purpose, the Administrator processes the following data: name, address, e-mail, address, businesses details, Tax ID.

  6. The customer has the right to access and modify their personal data at any time, as well as to eliminate them immediately after notification to the Administrator, who shall on request modify or completely remove the data.

  7. The Administrator undertakes to apply technical and organizational measures for data protection, in particular the protection of data against unauthorized access.

  8. Entrusted personal data is stored and protected in accordance with principles set out in existing legislation of law and have been reported to the base of The Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.